Sensitive Skin

Many people claim to have sensitive skin and shun changing their skin care brand because they are worried about further inflaming the problem.

The problem is, however, that it is often their sensitive skin products that are causing the sensitive skin to begin with.

Most mass-produced skin care, including sensitive skin care, actually damages the protective epidermal barrier that sits on your outer layers of skin.

Latest research has shown that we need this barrier for the healthy functioning of our skin, and without it, our skin is more sensitive to environmental pollutants, as well as developing skin problems such as rosacea and psoriasis.

This latest skin care research has gone into developing Chiral Actives, a range of skin care suitable for sensitive skin.

Available at Skin Care By Sia, Chiral Actives only contain natural and chirally correct ingredients, and do not contain damaging chemicals, like sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, parabens or any other artificial additives or chemicals. Chirally corrected ingredients means we use the most active and least irritating form of an ingredient, so all skin types, even sensitive skins, can use Chiral Actives treatments.

Causes of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is often caused by the epidermal barrier becoming damaged, either through the use of exfoliants, chemicals or acids.

Chiral Actives sensitive skin care is designed to repair this barrier, restoring the epidermis and dermis to healthy functioning levels, therefore alleviating the sensitivity.

Alleviate i & ii are sensitive skin care products. These all natural, liposomal, chirally correct sensitive skin creams contain ingredients proven to dramatically improve the skin. What makes these products unique is that they are calming, they repair the barrier and they rebuild the dermis, which thins faster in those with sensitised skin. These two sensitive skin moisturisers contain Retinaldehyde, in two different strengths depending on your needs, the most potent and most natural Vitamin A available. This well researched ingredient is gentle on the skin yet has powerful proven abilities to stimulate collagen, elastin and GAG’s.

This sensitive skin moisturiser also contains Willow Herb, which is an excellent calming agent to dramatically improve redness; Wild Cherry Bark that calms and soothes; 1,3D Beta Glucan that rebuilds a thinned dermis and helps reduce scar tissue build-up; Chlorella Vulgaris to rebuilds and remodel the dermis; and Niacinamide, an antioxidant, barrier repairer and collagen stimulator.

Chirally Correct

It is the chirally correct ingredients that make Chiral Actives suitable for use by those with sensitive skin. This is because chirally correct molecules are able to line up and link perfectly with skin cells to deliver nutrients. Ingredients that are not chirally correct cannot link with your skin cells and often cause skin cells to become irritated.

Chiral Actives sensitive skincare is all chirally correct to nourish and heal your skin, including the important epidermal barrier. All our products, including the cleansers, serums and creams are suitable for use by those with even the most sensitive skin.

The top epidermal layers of our skin are critical to skin health, and over-exfoliation can seriously damage this barrier.

With an intact barrier:

  • The skin is better hydrated and oil production is normalised,
  • UV protection is higher because the skin reflects light better,
  • There is less inflammation and sensitivity because allergens and toxins are prevented from entering the skin.

As you can see, Chiral Actives is a godsend for those with sensitive skin. To find out more, contact Skin Care By Sia now!

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