Are you wondering how to ‘close’ your large pores? Large pores or ‘open’ pores on the face can distort your appearance, making your skin look less refined and more ‘coarse’.

Enlarged pores usually appear on those with oilers skins, and generally these large skin pores appear in the oiliest parts of the face, including the nose, forehead and chin.

These ‘open’ pores usually result when the pores become regularly clogged, and they can become permanently stretched if not managed properly.

Many people with blocked pores turn to creams, such as pore minimisers, to clear pores, only to find they have little effect and the problem comes back.

Fortunately, Skin Care By Sia has the latest treatments to unclog pores gently and effectively, reducing big pores and refining the skin.

So if you have been wondering how to minimise pores or reduce pore size, and find that other treatments aren’t working, contact us today!

What are pores

The pores on the face and body help to guide the oil created by the sebaceous glands to the upper layers of the skin.

However, when skin is not cleansed properly, the dead skin cells on the upper layers of the skin can accumulate in the pores causing them to appear ‘open’, or larger, and blackheads to form.

If untreated, these enlarged skin pores will become permanently stretched, eventually lead to greasy, rough and bumpy facial skin.


How to get rid of large pores

Have you tired pore minimisers or pore cleansers to try and shrink pores, only to find these products dried out your skin, making the problem worse?

Skin Care By Sia uses our natural, chemical-free treatments, such as medi light therapy, ultrasonic treatment and natural peels, to gently unclog and reduce pores, giving the skin a more even, refined appearance.

How to get rid of enlarged pores

Medi light therapy is an amazing treatment to tighten pores. It uses wavelengths of light to increase circulation and the supply of oxygen in the skin, speeding up the natural regeneration and healing process in the dermis by supplying additional nutrients. Medi Light Therapy kills bacteria in the skin, increases collagen synthesis, cellular growth and connective tissue, helping to naturally heal infection, minimise pores and restore the skin’s natural balance.

How to unclog pores

Our Ultrasonic treatment is an amazing pore cleaner. This treatment utilises sonic vibrations, which oscillate thousands of times per second, helping to lift dead skin cells, excess sebum and blackheads out of enlarged pores, and improve circulation in the skin for healing and lifting. The ultrasonic waves also stimulate skin tissue to reduce or ‘close’ pores and improve the permeability of the membrane so our oily skin care can penetrate more deeply.

Unlike dermabrasion, which just treats the surface of the skin, ultrasonic is a deep pore cleanser and reaches deep down to the dermis to clean pores, reducing pore size from the inside.

This amazing treatment uses no chemicals for pore reduction – can your current pore refining cream claim the same?

How to minimise pores

Try one of our all-natural, chemical free facial peels for total pore cleansing and pore minimising. These peels gently lift the upper layers of the skin, refining the skin’s appearance and giving you smaller pores without harsh chemicals, while stimulating collagen production for deep cell renewal.

These natural treatments contain none of the irritating chemicals and preservatives that can cause harsh reactions, and are ideal as a pore reducer and pore refiner as it helps to lift the surface layers of the skin, cleansing deep down while stimulating collagen to assist in healing, strengthening and lifting.

The secret to unclogging pores is cleaning pores deep down and then stimulating the skin to close the pores. Skin Care By Sia’s large pores treatment is how to reduce pores naturally and gently without drying out or irritating the skin.

So if you were wondering how to shrink pores, how to clean pores and how to permanently reduce pore size, visit Skin Care By Sia for a natural, affordable answer.

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