Do you suffer from pimples? Or wondering how to get rid of pimples quick and how about getting rid of your pimple scars?

It seems unfair that as adults we still need to deal with the occasional pimple! Just feeling that telltale lump or bump under the skin soon has us reaching for the pimple cream and pimple treatments in an effort to stop it before it grows.

How do you currently get rid of your pimples? Sadly, most of the over the counter pimple ‘cures’ only treat your blemishes in one way – by drying out your skin. These creams and lotions claim to clear up pimples, but in most cases they don’t and you are left with dry, irritated skin – as well as pimples.

There are many reasons why adults get the occasional pimple: hormones, clogging makeup or incorrect skin care being just a few.

At Skin Care By Sia, we know that the best way to treat pimples does not involve drying out your skin.

We have a number of proven treatments for pimples, from light therapy to ultrasonic, depending on the cause of your pimples.

Skin Care By Sia is one of the most reputable skin care clinics in Australia because we take the time to find out the cause of your skin problem before treating it, to get rid of pimples and prevent those pimples from coming back.

So if you were wondering how to remove pimples or if you need advice on an effective, proven pimples treatment, then visit or call Skin Care By Sia today – we will clear your pimples in no time!

Stop pimples!

The pores on the face and body help to guide the oil created by the sebaceous glands to the upper layers of the skin.

However, when skin is not cleansed properly, the dead skin cells on the upper layers of the skin can accumulate in the open pores, blocking them. Sometimes these blockages turn into hard plugs (whiteheads and blackheads) and sometime oil and bacteria back up behind the blockage, causing acne or pimples.

Pimples can also be caused by hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy, or by makeup that clogs the pores, or even incorrectly prescribed skin care.

When it comes to pimples, even the best pimple cream in the world isn’t going to stop pimples if it is not right for your skin. So before applying any kind of pimple remedy to your skin we undertake a comprehensive skin assessment.

Our Mediderm Visage is our first step in any pimple treatments program. Mediderm visage helps us prescribe right pimple care treatment for your skin as it is a personalised, customised treatment. Mediderm consists of a combination of medical grade procedures, equipment and products that allow us to tailor make your treatments to suit your skin and its special needs.

Once the cause of your pimples has been determined, Skin Care By Sia then uses a combination of the latest technological skin care advances, plus our medical-grade skin care and our highly trained clinicians for the best pimple treatment available in Australia today.

So if you were wondering how to stop pimples or how to cure pimples permanently, contact us.

How to get rid of pimples

Wondering how to get rid of pimples fast?? Or what about just how to prevent pimples? Getting rid of pimples is quick and easy at Skin Care By Sia. Try our Ultrasonic treatment for a deep clean without irritating abrasives.

This pimple clearing treatment uses sonic vibrations, which oscillate thousands of times per second, helping to lift dead skin cells, excess sebum and blackheads, and improve circulation.

The ultrasonic waves also stimulate skin tissue and improve the permeability of the membrane so our pimple creams can penetrate more deeply and infuse additional nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin.

When you have pimples, cleaning the skin without using abrasives is very important. This is because harsh abrasives, such as those used during dermabrasion, will burst a pimple and spread the infection around your face, causing more pimples!

How to get rid of pimples scars

If you ever suffered from acne or severe pimples, then you know there’s only one thing worse than the pimples themselves – the scars they can leave behind.

Now there is a treatment that not only gets rid of pimples fast, but also gets rid of the scars pimples leave behind. Medi Light therapy uses wavelengths of light to remove pimples by increasing circulation and the supply of oxygen in the skin, speeding up the natural regeneration and healing process right down in the dermis.

Medi light therapy uses a number of different light wavelengths, with blue light used for treating acne and pimples.

This blue light treatment kills the bacteria that causes acne and increases collagen synthesis, cellular growth and connective tissue, helping to naturally heal mild pimple scars and prevent pimples from reoccurring.

Pimple treatments

‘Chemical’ peels are also an effective way of getting rid of pimples, fast. Our all-natural, chemical free, fruit acid peels gently lift the surface layers of the skin, unclogging pores and encouraging healing and regeneration, clearing pimples from the deepest layers of the skin out.

All our peels are chirally corrected, meaning they are gentle, do not cause adverse reactions and calm even the most sensitive and inflamed skin.

Peels can be used for removing pimples anywhere, including on the back or chest, and a peel is also fantastic to remove pimple scars, as it works on regenerating connective tissue right down in the dermis.

How to prevent pimples

Looking for an effective pimple solution? Skin Care By Sia’s ranges of medical-grade skin care are how to clear pimples and are perfect for pimple prevention.

Our skin care contains the latest cutting edge, natural botanicals to get rid of pimples fast. Our all natural, chemicals free cleansers will cleanse deep down in the pore without stripping away your natural protective oils.

Our skin care contains nothing found outside of nature, meaning they contain no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances and are not tested on animals.

These natural treatments are chirally corrected, meaning they ‘link’ with the skin molecules more easily and do not cause allergic reactions. Our pimple treatments can be used by adults and adolescents, and can cure pimples faster than you thought possible!

Wondering how to treat pimples?

Pimple removal and preventing pimples is not as simple as applying an over the counter cream. Many of these creams contain harsh chemicals that would be more at home in your cleaning cabinet than on your face. Applying these chemicals as a ‘cure for pimples’ can wind up doing more harm than good!

At Skin Care By Sia, we know how to get rid of pimples quickly and how to reduce the occurrences of pimples without damaging your delicate skin in the process.

Using our visia photo imaging as part of your Mediderm Visage, we will analyse your skin type and provide a detailed report on your skin’s hydration and congestion levels. We can then determine how to clear your pimples, how to get rid of any pimple marks or scars, including hyperpigmentation, and how to reduce pimple outbreaks permanently!

So if you were wondering how to get rid of a pimple or two, or were just looking for effective pimple solutions or advice on skin care to get rid of pimples, contact Skin Care by sia now!

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