Skin Care and Treatment of Zits

Zits. We all hate them.

Old or young, oily or dry skin, we all suffer from the occasional zit. And usually that zit pops up at the most inconvenient time – like before a wedding or special occasion!

This zit can leave you scrabbling to find a zit remedy or reaching for the old zit cream.

Skin Care By Sia, one of the most respected skin clinics across Australia, specialises in getting rid of zits. So don’t let a zit derail your special plans, visit Skin Care By Sia today for the latest zit remedies and get rid of zits fast!

What Causes Zits

Zits are caused by a blockage in the skin’s pore, which then becomes infected. The blockage may be caused by excess sebum (blackhead), makeup, oil or dirt, or even an ingrown hair.

Inside every one of our pores are sebaceous glands that produce sebum, a natural oil that helps to protect our skin from loss of moisture and environmental pollutants.

Our outer layers of skin shed continuously and sometimes the dead skin cells left behind, or other pollutants, may become trapped by the sebum, causing a blockage in the pore. The sebaceous glands then produce more sebum, which builds up behind the blockage, causing an infection, inflammation and swelling.

Zit treatments

At Skin Care By Sia, we have a number of zit remedies.

Medi light therapy is a great treatment for zit removal. It uses wavelengths of light that kill bacteria in the skin and stimulate healing and collagen, helping to naturally heal zits, mild scars and prevent new ones from occurring.

How to get rid of zits

Our Ultrasonic treatment could be called a zit remedy. Sonic vibrations help to lift dead skin cells, excess sebum and blackheads out of the skin, while improving circulation. The ultrasonic waves also stimulate skin tissue so our acne skin care can penetrate more deeply and infuse additional nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Skin Care By Sia also has a range of skin care products specifically designed to help clear congestion and remove zits without drying or irritating the skin.

For blackheads and congestion, try Dermaze by Dermedix. Dermaze assists the skin to shed, revealing newer, clearer skin.

Or use Dermaflo LX by Dermedix, which contains powerful antioxidants, such as wasabi, fruit acids and Canadian willow herb for anti-inflammatory benefits.

Chiral Actives is how to get rid of zits, fast! This range includes cleansers, moisturisers and serums to gently restore the skin’s natural balance by nurturing the epidermal barrier. The entire range contains retinaldehyde, a natural form of vitamin A and a great zit remedy.  Many of the Chiral Actives’ serums, such as Vanish, can be considered zit removers, simply dab on as a spot treatment at night to get rid of a zit, or use as a treatment to help dry, clear and calm your entire face.


Wondering how to get rid of a zit? Or perhaps you are wondering why you still get zits? Using our visia photo imaging, we will carry out an assessment on your skin, then prescribe a unique skin care treatment and zit remedy program for you. Using our latest techniques and vast experience, zits will become a distant memory as you enjoy clearer, younger and more refined skin. Visit us now!

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