Dry Skin

We all suffer from dry skin on the face or body at one time or another, particularly during winter when heating and dry air strips our skin of surface moisture.

Dry skin on the face can be difficult to treat, and many people find that their face cream for dry skin loses effectiveness in winter and as we age.

Our skin changes as we get older, so it makes sense that the dry skin face cream you first bought many years ago may not be the best way to treat your dry facial skin now.

At Skin Care By Sia, we use the latest skin diagnostic technology to give you a proper skin assessment, gauging your skin’s hydration, sun damaging and aging levels, so we can prescribe the best facial care for your dry skin.

So visit Skin Care By Sia today for dry skin solutions – not assumptions – and enjoy more youthful, hydrated skin immediately!

What can cause Dry Skin?

Dry skin on the face can be caused by a number of things, including hormonal changes, aging, seasonal changes, air conditioning and even not drinking enough water.

You may also need to change your skin care. Obviously, the face wash you once used for your oily skin is not going to be appropriate for use anymore once your skin becomes drier.

Your current skin care may also be to blame for the dryness. Most mass-produced skin care available today is full of chemicals, including petrochemicals – by products of the oil industry. These chemicals can be very drying to your skin and even cause allergic reactions, making the problem worse.

What does Skin Care By Sia recommend for the dry skin on my face?
At Skin Care By Sia, we have a number of all-natural, effective solutions for your dry facial skin.

We would never just give you a treatment and hope for the best, instead, using our technology and expertise, we will properly diagnose the cause of your dry skin before undertaking any treatment program.

Natural Skin Care for Dry Skin

Our Dermedix and Chiral Actives ranges of natural skin care contain the latest natural actives to nurture and protect your skin. Chirally corrected, and containing no chemicals whatsoever, Skin Care By Sia’s selected skin care actually achieves what it promises.

Dermedix and Chiral Actives have various products for dry skins, including a face mask for dry skin that relieves symptoms of irritated and inflamed skin by immediately calming and helping to restore the skin’s condition from the dermis up. Our dry skin treatments are anti-inflammatory, emollient and have antibacterial properties to assist skin healing and treat redness and dryness. Our facial mask for dry skin contains shea butter, cherry bark extracts, willow herb and copper peptides, and is suitable for use after cosmetic treatments.


Ultrasonic Treatment for Dry Skin

Using ultrasonic, we can get rid of the dry skin on your face. Ultrasonic utilises sonic vibrations, which oscillate thousands of times per second, helping to lift dead skin cells and improve circulation. The ultrasonic waves also stimulate skin tissue and improve the permeability of the membrane so our dry skin care can penetrate more deeply and infuse additional nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Dry skin can become chronic without proper management. At Skin Care By Sia, we are honest and upfront about how we can treat you, and would never give you a treatment that just wouldn’t work. Using our diagnostic technology, we will get to the cause of your skin problem and prescribe a face treatment pack for your dry skin. So visit Skin Care By Sia for a permanent dry skin cure now!

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