Blackhead Skin Care Treatment

Blackheads can be very annoying. Not only do they mar the appearance of our skin, they can also become chronic, enlarging pores permanently!

Blackhead removal used to be painful – not to mention pretty hit and miss – using the old blackhead removal tool and/or fingernails to try to force the blackheads out of the pore. Unfortunately, removing blackheads this way often caused infections and scarring.

Now, Skin Care By Sia uses the latest technology to gently and effectively get rid of blackheads without pain or scarring.

So if you’re asking yourself how to get rid of black heads and are tired of extracting blackheads with the old blackhead removers, give Skin Care By Sia a call now, our friendly staff are waiting to discreetly help you!

Cause of Blackheads

Blackheads are caused by our naturally occurring skin oil, or sebum, getting trapped in a pore, causing a hard ‘plug’. This plug turns black due to the natural oxidization process.

How to get rid of blackheads!

Have you been asking yourself ‘how do I get rid of these blackheads?’ every day when you look in the mirror?

Have you tired every blackhead remover out there? Have you tried getting rid of blackheads using scrubs, lotions, potions and bizarre-looking implements?

Bet you’ve still got blackheads, right?

Skin Care By Sia’s ultrasonic treatment is how to remove blackheads quickly, easily and painlessly.

How do you get rid of blackheads using ultrasonic? Ultrasonic vibrates thousands of times per second, helping to lift dead skin cells and deep clean.

Ultrasonic is a gentle, effective cleanser for oily skins, deep cleaning an oily face without stripping the skin of its protective oils, and unclogging pores to remove blackheads.

Using ultrasonic wavelengths, we carry out intense cleaning without aggression or abrasives, infusing products deeper into the skin for healing, strengthening, stimulating and lifting.

The ultrasonic waves also increase the permeability of the skin cell membrane, so skin care for oily or dry skin can penetrate deeply and infuse additional nutrients into the deeper, structural layers of the skin, where blackheads, acne and infection begins. Black head removal was never so easy!

Imagine never having to worry about blackhead extraction ever again? Blackheads removal is now quick and easy thanks to Skin Care By Sia’s ultrasonic treatment.

So if you have no idea how to get rid of blackheads on your nose or chin, and are looking for an effective black head remover that won’t break the bank, contact Skin Care By Sia today!

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