Anti Aging Treatments

If there were an anti aging treatment that was guaranteed to give a far more youthful complexion without any discomfort, would even the most anti face lift extremists be tempted?

When we finally stop worshiping youth we’ll actually be able to feel totally relaxed about aging naturally. There are the occasional few who age gracefully, but the majority of us are left to gaze into the mirror in dismay and wonder whatever happened to the compliments and why we’re passed over for the promotions we deserve.

What Are Your Choices In Anti Aging Therapy?

Those who experience micro dermabrasion often enjoy improved skin texture but feel there is little difference in skin tightening and lifting or a reduction in wrinkles.

Often cosmetic surgery is considered as the only option but the invasive methods, the cost, pain, down time and possible complications makes it an unviable option for most.

The non surgical face lift has been around for many years in a number of forms offered by a plethora of anti aging clinics. You can choose from collagen and  anti wrinkle treatments, threadlift, microcurrent therapy, thermage, exercises and creams and the list goes on. None have achieved the same dramatic changes (sometimes too dramatic) of intrusive cosmetic surgery, until now…

Skin Care By Sia says there’s no better treatment than the  Medical Grade Mediderm Visage, a non surgical face lift and  anti aging treatment which is achieving exceptional results, on most skin types, including ultra sensitive and mature skin, with little or no burning, pain, down time. Even better,  recipients say the results are unbelievable. These procedures include;

  • Medical grade Medi light thereapy
  • Mediderm Visage
  • Chiral peels and
  • A range of Medical grade skincare products

These are all an effective and successful alternative to laser treatment as they all penetrate to beneath the outer skin layer – the dermis. Laser skin treatments are not new, but the Medi light therapy and Mediderm Visage takes over where earlier lasers leave off boosting laser skin resurfacing and skin care to the next level and achieving more dramatic results in skin tightening, skin toning and wrinkle removal for the most radiant, youthful skin elasticity and glow.

Anti Aging Skincare

The anti aging skincare results achieved by Medical Grade Medi light therapy and Mediderm Visage are so magical one wonders if technology can draw any more out of its wrinkle reduction hat. As one  Skin Care By Sia client said, “Never knew it was possible to dramatically slow down my aging process. I look better now than I did 10 years ago.”

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