Removing Acne Scars

Correct acne treatment is vital to avoid making the problem worse and causing long-term acne scars – but do you know which treatment?

Even the lightest acne is uncomfortable and embarrassing, and those inflicted with the more serious effects of acne vulgaris know all too well the pain and discomfort. Acne at its worst throbs with painful inflammation, blocked pores and raised pustules on the face, neck and even the back.

While a healthy diet can help it is not the answer for everyone suffering from facial acne or back acne, and while everyone knows you should never squeeze a pimple and risk acne scars, not many resist.

Not only can this extremely common condition (85% of 15 to 24 year olds are affected) cause severe acne scars, it can scar self confidence and seriously affect social activities, school work and employment when you’re already going through one of the most sensitive and challenging times of life.

Acne Treatment – The Problem

Up until now acne scar treatment has been ineffectual, painful and, like long-term antibiotic use, can come with risks. Suffers with scarring just had to live with it or undergo invasive treatments such as chemical peels.

Even though over the counter products may reduce the odd few pimples, many of these products are too drying which further irritates the skin, and scrubbing only makes the problem worse.

Also, over the counter products do nothing for moderate to serious acne, an area where specialist help should be sought. Help should also be sought for rosacea (often referred to as acne rosacea) as it is not related to ‘teenage’ acne and requires specialised attention.

Acne Treatment – The Solution

Enter the Medical Grade Medi Light Therapy and Chiral Peel Skincare Treatment. This laser treatment is receiving rave reviews for achieving the seemingly impossible in acne treatment and moderate acne scar removal.

skin care By Sia, Sydney, say their Medical Grade Medi Light Therapy and chiral Peel Skincare Treatment is absolute cutting-edge and can be a cheaper substitute for laser treatment for acne scars. The process is proven to fight microbial infection and works deep within the skins cells to removes fine to moderate scarring by regenerating cellular activity and increasing collagen and elastin, leaving radiant, healthy skin tissue.

Painful acne and acne scars should not be accepted as ‘a part of life’ when effective acne treatment and acne scar removal is available.

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