Our revolutionary new complexion analysis technology

Skin Care By Sia is once again leading the skin care industry in Australia with the introduction of our new skin complexion analysis technology.

The new Visia Complexion Analysis technology provides a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of seven individual aspects of the complexion: wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, bacteria, red areas and capillaries, and photo damage, therefore providing an invaluable guide for optimal treatment and rejuvenation both now, and in the future.

This sophisticated new technology means Skin Care By Sia clinics are able to completely map your complexion, determine the effects of the aging process both now and in five years, and then design an individual rejuvenation program to specifically address your skin’s needs and arrest the aging process.

This new diagnostic technology can also show what lies beneath the skin, so we can even address skin problems that are not yet visible to the naked eye, for far more effective treatment results and progress measurement.

This revolutionary technology is now available at all Skin Care By Sia clinics in Sydney City, Bondi Junction and Castle Hill.

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