Eczema Treatments

Eczema can be horrific for sufferers, causing severe itching, pain, inflammation, and even bleeding in chronic sufferers.

Eczema can be caused by many different things, including allergies, chemical irritants and more.

Many people find that, far from making their condition better, their chemical eczema cream makes the situation worse. This is because the chemicals in many of these creams actually cause more inflammation and irritation to the skin because they damage our natural epidermal barrier.

In fact, Skin Care By Sia knows that in almost all cases of eczema, the natural lipid epidermal barrier is damaged.

Everyday the skin is bombarded with nutritional demands and free radicals from diet, stress and the sun. The upper layers of skin, aided by a special epidermal barrier, help to protect us from these daily assaults.

This epidermal barrier is made up of several layers of stratum corneum, called ‘corneocytes’.

This epidermal barrier is what stands between our lower layers of skin and the world. If this barrier is damaged or even thinned, pollutants, allergens, free radicals, chemicals and bacteria can easily penetrate our skin, causing severe irritation, inflammation and allergies.

Skin Care By Sia has found that eczema is often improved by restoring the health of the epidermal barrier and has a number of eczema treatment creams in our new range, Chiral Actives.

Chiral Actives has the most effective, active line of products available in Australia today by using the most research-proven, natural actives found in the industry.

By using all natural, chemical free, chirally correct ingredients in our skin care, we can restore and protect the epidermal barrier, which in turn reduces inflammation and irritation, healing common skin problems.

Chiral Actives also works in partnership with eczema treatment creams, as it helps calm skin enough that prescription eczema cream can take effect. Try Embrace, our Post Peel Lipid Repair Serum. One drop of Embrace is often all that is needed to prevent dryness, promote wound healing and to calm and soothe. Embrace contains powerful antioxidant oils from blueberry, red raspberry and calendula, along with barrier-restoring natural lipids.

View our Chiral Actives Range here.

Skin Care By Sia is not just a cosmetic skin care clinic. We offer a full range of skin care solutions and treatments, along with years of experience, to restore the total health of your skin. So if you suffer from eczema and your eczema cream is no longer working or is even making the problem worse, visit Skin Care By Sia for a full skin assessment today.

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