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There have been amazing advancements in facial skin care over the last few years. Now, thanks to new light, ultrasonic, laser and skin care technology, skin complaints such as aging, rosacea, acne, congestion, hyperpigmentation and hormonal hair can be treated quickly and easily.

Skin Care By Sia is at the forefront of this facial skin care technology and is pleased to offer our clients the best face care treatments and the most experienced skin care clinicians.

So if you have a skin complaint that you thought couldn’t be improved, why not contact Skin Care By Sia and let us see how we can help you?

Why Skin Care by Sia for Facial Skin Care

Skin Care By Sia is one of the most respected face and skin care clinics in Australia today because we take the time to properly diagnose a facial or other skin problems and then prescribe a comprehensive treatment program designed especially for you.

Our Mediderm Visage is second to none when it comes to finding the right skin care treatment for your skin. Mediderm Visage is a personalised, customised treatment that consists of a combination of medical grade procedures, equipment and products that allow us to tailor make your treatments to suit your skin and its special needs.

These treatments may include medi light therapy, laser treatment, chemical-free peels and/or medical-grade facial skincare so we can heal and restore your skin to its youthful best.

Ultrasonic utilises sonic vibrations, which oscillate thousands of times per second, helping to lift dead skin cells and improve circulation without harsh abrasives.

Ultrasonic is an exceptional cleanser, deep cleaning without stripping natural protective oils, gently unclogging pores without pain, scarring or infection.

The ultrasonic wavelengths also infuse products deeper into the skin for healing, strengthening, stimulating and lifting.

Our Medi light therapy uses various wavelengths of light to increase circulation and the supply of oxygen in the skin, speeding up the natural regeneration process by supplying additional nutrients with the additional blood flow.

Skin Care By Sia uses a variety of light wavelengths depending on your particular needs to stimulate collagen production, improve lymphatic drainage and encourage the growth of connective tissue. Light therapy also calms inflammation, redness, kills bacteria and heals conditions such as acne.

No matter what your facial skin care needs, at Skin Care By Sia, you can be assured of:

  • Cost-effective treatments
  • Safe procedures carried out by experienced, fully trained staff
  • A comfortable, discrete environment
  • Honest, reliable advice

Why not visit Skin Care By Sia and find out how we can improve your facial or body skin using the latest, non-invasive face care technology, or just call us – we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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