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We are Sydney’s skin care specialists providing tailored skin treatments to address most skin conditions, we provide FREE consultations and do not lock you in to contracts.

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Natural Skin Care

Our products are available through our skin care clinics located across Sydney or you can purchase Online within Australia and internationally.

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Our Treatments

Microdermal Facial

  • Medical grade
  • Non invasive
  • No down time
  • 45 minute Treatment
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Inside Out Peel

  • Non Invasive
  • Unlike traditional chemical peels
  • No downtime
  • No Discomfort
  • No Redness
  • 3-6 recommended 1 moth apart
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Bio Light Therapy

  • Non Invasive
  • Wavelength matched to skin condition
  • Relaxing and soothing
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Laser Hair Removal

If you are considering an alternative to shaving or waxing, then come and see us about our laser hair removal treatments.

Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite removal is one of the fastest growing procedures in our clinics, Visit or call us for aFREE consultation today! 

Pigmentation Treatments

We also offer pigmentation removal using medical grade lasers and specialised  products.

Injections & Dermal Fillers

Our doctors now offer injectables across all our clinics.

We love showing our clients the difference we have made to our clients come and see our real before and after pictures at any of our sydney wide clinics


Shop online conveniently and select from our range of skin care products we ship locally and internationally.

  • Effectiviness 95%
  • Down Time 5%
  • Results 95%
  • Skin Trauma 5%

Our Locations

Our clinics are located across the Sydney area, please click on the maps for directions.

Bondi Junction

306c/3 Waverley St Bondi Junction NSW 2022

(02) 8014 9093

Pitt St Sydney CBD

2001c/109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 8014 9077

Castle Hill

6c/2-4 Old Castle Hill Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154

(02) 9008 1119

Skin Care Treatments Clinic

Everyone wants that elusive factor that makes us irresistible to the opposite sex: clear skin.

We want it so much we are willing to try anything, and put anything, on our skin to achieve it!

Skin care for the face is an industry unto itself. Millions upon millions are spent every year by cosmetic companies to develop skin care and beauty products, and even more millions are spent marketing these products to persuade you, the consumer, to buy them. Whether they are organic, herbal skin care, anti-wrinkle or even skin care for men, they are all very much the same.

Unfortunately, often the marketing spend is much more significant than the research and development budget for these products, and consumers end up caking their faces in chemicals, preservatives and synthetic colours and fragrances.

Skin Care By Sia is a skin care clinic that has long been recognised for offering the best in laser treatment for optimal skin health. Now, this expertise has been extended to ournatural skin care products.

Skin beauty needn’t be complicated. Our natural, medical grade skin care is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions such as pimples or blackheads. Extensive research and development, combined with our years of experience in the skin and face care industry has created an amazing combination of enzymes, bio actives, anti-oxidants and acids to nourish, stimulate and exfoliate your skin.

This professional skin care range is only available in Skin care By Sia clinics. So visit the most respected laser clinic in Sydney now and see what we can do for your skin.

Next time you are using your current cleanser, skin toner or so-called ‘organic’ skin care, turn the bottle over and take a look at the ingredients. It most likely contains a raft of unpronounceable chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate and multiple parabens. These harsh chemicals can actually work against the cream, damaging your skin and causing adverse reactions, leading to signs of premature aging.

Skin Care By Sia’s skin care treatments are designed to be different.

Our skin care cosmeceuticals are completely free of bad chemicals and are not tested on animals, our products can be used for pimples and blackheads.

These natural skin care products containing many organic ingredients, are specifically designed to provide optimal nourishment for healthy skin. This skin care is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and for use after laser and other skin treatments.

At Skin Care By Sia, we only provide you with the best, most effective, natural cosmeceuticals and the very latest skin care tips available. Through our Visia photo imaging and analysis machine, our clinicians are able to take you through a detailed report of your skin’s hydration levels, sun damage, aging and overall condition. This, coupled with our Mediderm skin treatments, means we are able to rejuvenate, regenerate, hydrate and repair your skin with our medical grade skin care for flawless, younger looking skin.

No matter what your needs, at Skin Care by Sia, you can be assured of:

  • Cost-effective treatments
  • Procedures carried out by experienced, fully trained staff
  • A comfortable, discrete environment

Skin Care By Sia is one of the most reputable names in skin clinics in Sydney because we provide the latest laser skin treatments, the best in skin care, the most experienced clinicians and the best technology to provide our customers with serious skin care. We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest, telling you what you can realistically expect from our facial skin care and skin treatments. We will not make false promises. So if you are tired of bad skin and marketing hype and want beautiful skin and the best skincare, then contact Skin Care By Sia and see what we can do for you.


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